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Payrillium Software

Integrated Point of Sale

Everything talks to each other.

Sales data automatically updates inventory, payment processing connects with accounting, and customer info flows seamlessly throughout the system

Payment Types

Pay any way you want: tap, swipe, or dip your card.

For your convenience, we offer a variety of payment methods including all major credit cards, contactless payments (tap), and traditional swipe options.


Pay your way. We have the terminal.

 Find the perfect fit! We offer a wide range of payment terminals to suit your business needs.


Touch, scan, and weigh. Your choice your way.

Enjoy a user-friendly touchscreen, plus compatibility with scanners and scales for all your checkout needs.

Payrillium Software

Integrated Enterprise Resource Management

Data Integration.

First, all crucial data from various departments – from sales figures to inventory levels – is gathered and centralized into the ERP system. Think of it as tuning each instrument, ensuring everyone is playing from the same sheet music.


Integrated order process and inventory levels.

 The software keeps track of your product inventory levels in real-time, ensuring order accuracy and avoiding overselling. Manage the order fulfillment process, including picking, packing, shipping, and tracking.


Create and Manage Proposals throughout the sales process.

Work with your team in real-time to edit and finalize proposals, ensuring everyone's on the same page. Streamline your proposal process with automated workflows that send reminders, trigger approvals, and track progress.


Run Various reports and gather information on the process

Filter the data by date range, specific departments, product categories, etc.
Select the data fields you want to include in the report (e.g., sales figures, product names, customer locations).

Payrillium Software

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

Imagine running your small business with laser focus, knowing every interaction with a customer, prospect, or partner is recorded, analyzed, and used to your advantage. That's the power of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and it's more than just keeping track of names and numbers. It's about building stronger relationships, boosting sales, and streamlining your operations, all within one platform.


Track Sales of your customers

Manages all aspects of client relationships, fostering communication and building stronger connections. Gain insights into client relationships and sales performance. 


Track Opportunities

Track the progress of potential deals and opportunities. A powerful tool designed to help businesses visualize, manage, and optimize their sales pipeline. It acts as a central hub for all your sales opportunities, providing a clear view of potential deals from initial contact to closing.


Personalize and customize fields

Store and manage a wide range of customer information, including contact details, purchase history, preferences, and communication history. Adapt the software to your specific needs by defining the type of data you want to store and how it relates to each other.

Payrillium Software

Digital Display Application

Effortless Editing

Elevate your small business with the magic of digital displays! No fancy equipment needed, just reimagine your existing smart TV as a dynamic marketing hub. Seamlessly display mouth-watering menus, eye-catching promotions, and engaging content, all controlled from your fingertips.

Digital Display

Display your advertisement or menu on any Smart device or screen.

Captivate your audience with dynamic and visually appealing content displayed on high-resolution screens. Deliver targeted messages and information to your audience in real-time, keeping them updated on promotions, menu changes, or announcements.

We make our hardware

Check out our new Metal Display Stand

Display high-resolution images and videos of your dishes, making them more enticing to customers.

Payrillium Software

Private Artificial Intelligence

AI in POS software is not just a futuristic concept; it's a reality that's changing the way businesses operate. By integrating AI, businesses can gain a competitive edge, increase efficiency, and build stronger customer relationships. So, ditch the dull checkouts and embrace the future of POS - the future powered by AI.

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Payrillium Software

Simple Pricing
Application Features

Intrigued by all the possibilities? Dive deeper into our features and unlock new potential. Contact us today! powered by AI.




  • Dashboard 

  • AI Assistant

  • Integrated Virtual Keyboard

  • Integrated CRM - Customer Relationship Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Contact Mailing List

  • Sales Tracking

  • Configurable Kanban Opportunity Board

  • Warehouse Stock Management

  • Integrated ERP - Enterprise Resource Management

  • Products & Stock Management

  • Purchasing Mangement

  • Product Categories
  • Integrated POS
  • Integrated Payments

  • Table and Zone Management

  • POS Session Management

  • Custom Tip and Discounts Management

  • Digital Display - Advertise and Display Menus

  • Financial Management - Invoices - Journals and Bank Accounts

  • Employee Management

  • Roles and Group Management

  • Complete Audit Tracking

  • Remote Monitoring and Management

  • Daily Backups 

  • 5 Days  Storage

  • 30 Days Storage

  • Security Monitoring 

  • Application Store

  • Securely Access System Remotely - yourshop.

  • One

    Full Features with all the support you will ever need.
    $ 69
    • 5 Days of Storage Backups
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Customers


    Full Features with all the support you will ever need.
    $ 99
    • 30 Days of Storage Backups
    • Security Monitoring
    • Access system from anywhere not just your store
    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Products
    • Unlimited Customers
    • Application Store

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. Our software is designed to work on our hardware. However you can access the software with your whole team without the need for additional license fees. Pay for the solution, not individual user access.

    Say Goodbye to Device Gatekeepers: Break free from restrictive licensing models. This cloud server welcomes every device, empowering your entire team to collaborate seamlessly, and all without adding to your overhead.

    The Payrillium software comes preinstalled. You get to manage when you want to update the software. Payrillium handles the technical nitty-gritty, giving you more time to focus on employee engagement, strategic planning, and driving results. 

    Pay Only for What You Use: Payrillium scales with your business. The simple per-store licensing ensures you only pay for the management you need, eliminating unnecessary overhead for operations.