Payrillium Metal POS

Made out of metal for a reason

Built for tough environments

Our Metal POS

This isn't just a POS; it's a statement of strength. It says you mean business, even in the most demanding situations. So, ditch the flimsy plastic and upgrade to the industrial all-aluminum champion. It's time to take your business to the next level, one unyielding aluminum shell at a time.

Only $799.00 or $34.00 Month



No fans, one less thing to break. Made to last.

18.5 in

Touch Screen

Capacitive Protective Display



No base unit, computer is built into the POS

Sleek, Smart and Fast

A sleek, stylish computer that combines the power of a traditional desktop with the elegance of a monitor, all in one beautiful unit. That's the magic of the Payrillium Metal POS!

Payrillium Metal POS


  • Spec

  • Feature

  • CPU

  • Intel® Core™ i5-5300U Processor, up to 2.30 GHz

  • Memory

  • 4 Gigabytes

  • Storage

  • 128 Gigabytes

  • Ports

  • 2 Serial Ports, 4 USB (2/2.0 2/3.0)

  • Coms

  • RJ45 and WIFI 5GHz + 2.4GHZ

  • OS

  • Payrillium OS

  • Audio

  • Realtek ALC662, HD audio both input and output

  • Video

  • HDMI and VGA

  • Power

  • 12V DC
  • Operating

  • -20~55 Celsius 

  • Warranty

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • The biggest draw for many is the complete absence of fan noise. This makes them ideal for environments where quiet operation is essential, like libraries, hospitals, quiet offices, or even noisy kitchen. We don’t add to the noise.  No whirring fans means a more peaceful and focused work or leisure experience.

    With no moving parts like fans, passively cooled mini PCs are less prone to wear and tear. This translates to increased reliability and a longer lifespan. Dust accumulation, a common cause of fan failure, also becomes a non-issue, further adding to their durability.

    The lack of fans leads to lower power consumption, making passively cooled mini PCs more energy-efficient. This benefit translates to lower electricity bills and reduced environmental impact.

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    Bigger picture, brighter future

    Whether you're in a dimly lit cafe or bathed in beachside sunshine, ensuring every interaction is seamless and error-free. No more squinting, no more misreading orders - just clarity and confidence with every transaction.

    • Ample workspace: Multitask like a pro, juggling multiple windows and applications with ease.
    • Reduced eye strain: The larger screen means less scrolling and zooming, keeping your eyes comfortable.
    • A truly immersive experience: Engage your customers with captivating visuals and product presentations.

    Every touch counts

    • Effortless touchscreen control: Navigate with the natural ease of a smartphone or tablet. No more fumbling with keyboards or mice, just fast, fluid interactions that keep your lines moving.
    • All-in-one convenience: Say goodbye to bulky setups. This integrated system combines everything you need - a high-resolution touchscreen display, a powerful computer, and essential ports - in one stylish unit.
    • Space-saving design: Reclaim valuable counter space. The compact footprint makes it ideal for even the most cramped environments.
    • Crystal clear visuals: Engage customers with a bright, vibrant display that showcases your products and menus beautifully.

    Easy to Install

    “Unleash the power of the Metal POS and watch your business soar. Unboxing to operational in just 3 steps – it’s that easy.”

    Step One

    Extract the contents: Carefully remove the product from its secure packaging.

    Metal POS 3

    Step Two

    Plug the included Ethernet cable or connect via Wi-Fi. Login and you are ready to go. No network configuration needed.


    That's it! You're all set to experience the full potential of your Metal Server. No technical expertise needed, just instant gratification.

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